Fulfillment Services
Case study of Company N

Company profile:

Company N is a renowned internationalized e-commerce company, which founded in Texas, U.S.A in 2001. Utilized the convenience of Internet, healthy, natural and high-quality products and humanized service, it created an instant and global E-Commerce Kingdom. It mainly manages the internet sales for those natural and high-valued heath products and cosmetics with self-owned brands.

Current volume:

There are average 3 Tons or above per month for importing, whereas about 300 orders monthly and totally over 100,000 RMB logistic expense every month. And it is estimated that the volume will have an immense increase in 2013.

4PX Standard Service for Company N:

1、 Import to China:
4PX provide the import service from HK to Shenzhen China with low cost, short transit time and simple & quick custom clearance, which normally takes 3-5 working days. Company N only needs to drop cargo to 4PX HK warehouse and pay one time including duties.

2、 Warehouse service (Order fulfillment):
a) Quality inspection:
Before inbound or shipping, 4px will do quality inspection to confirm no damage occurred. And if found any, 4px will submit a "cargo abnormal report" to Company N immediately and ask for further advice.

b) Pick & Pack
Within 24 hours after Company N releasing orders in WMS (4PX warehousing system), 4px workers will print packing list from the system, pick products from the shelves, pack into specific cartons with logo of "Company N" and send to buyers. Also foam will be adopted to avoid any possible damage during the transportation.

3、 Inland delivery
Based on a close partnership with local courier companies, 4PX provides Company N with diverse delivery options to meet their different requirements on transit time and cost.

4、Free service:
a) Advanced WMS
All actions of inbound and ex-warehouse will go through 4PX WMS to ensure zero operation error. Moreover, Company N can check all receiving & shipping details along with actual inventory for both products and packaging materials at any time.

b) Professional Customer Service Team
Professional Customer Service to deal with daily affairs including order tracking and canceling by clients and feedbacks from local courier companies. If there is any problem occurring, our CS will report to Company N and follow up with the case closely.

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