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Aggressive Case study

Company profile:

Aggressive is a sports club type company, which plays the extreme sports and karate course and organizes global Karate Championship games. The main products are karate supplies and fashions with more than 300 SKU, including karate costume, karate belts, karate accessories and sports costume.

At present, it benefits from our order fulfillment services (E-order) in terms of fine warehouse management and efficient global delivery. It has 70cbm commodity Volume in SZ warehouse and more than 400 orders per month.


a) Guaranteed warehousing services:
1. Quality inspection: We will do the products inspection before shelving or shipping to ensure products are in good condition, including clothing staining, damaged packaging and so on. If there is any problem, we will feedback to Aggressive immediately and make a solution for them.

2. Zero operation error:Each SKU got a unique bar code representing its ID. When shipping, the products must be scanned in every link of the whole process to make sure zero operation error.

3. Shipping within 24hours: After receiving the order, warehouse operator will pick and pack goods and ship order within 24 hours.

b) Advanced user-friendly system (WMS):
All inventory information will be recorded into 4PX system immediately after 4PX received them. Moreover, WMS can help transit data from multiple sales platforms through API, for example eBay and Amazon. Automatic data conversion helps improve efficiency and avoid errors.


a) Specified package
The original package of Aggressive’s product is very weak. Therefore, we made a solution for them: use bubble film to wrap every product and customize the packaging bag, to avoid collision of shaking in transportation.

b) Flexible order management
Sometimes clients have urgent requirements such as to change product or delivery channel after sending. As Aggressive’s warehousing and logistics service provider, we can timely change the delivery channels or replace product to help Aggressive enhance buyer satisfaction.


Since Aggressive use 4PX E-order service, it benefits in a wide range:

a) Save storage charge 70%.

b) Save operation fee 35%

c) Systematically manage order and inventory

d) Improves customer experience

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