China Import
Import to China

We help the overseas e-commerce seller to import goods to Great China and provide domestic order fulfillment service and other value-added services.

-Multiple importing channels
-Fast & Easy custom clearance
-E-commerce one-stop supply platform
-Shenzhen and ShangHai warehousing fullfillment

Transfer 4PX

Tr.4px is a subsidiary of 4PX, which aims to provides global transhipment for E-traders. Based on our rich transhipment experience and strong global logistic network, we can offer you:

Comprehensive knowledge of China Import&customs tax laws
Logistics & custom cost efficient
Fast delivery, ship to China within 7-11 business days
Real-time tracking
Warehouse fulfillment service
Other customerized services at your requirements

HaiTao City 海淘城

HaiTao City is an E-commerce platform for Chinese to shopping overseas,which is 100% owned by 4PX. Currently, it has developed a close cooperation with Tr.4PX. After registered as HTC customers, you can benefits more besides HaiTao City:

--Living in China, but approaching global products
--Guranteed 100% genuine oversea products, complete transparency in the order process
--hundreds of world's special offers, discounted information everyday
--Very compelling prices and shipping time
--Multiple logistic options
--Returns can be processed in China

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